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Dark Politics

OBAMA STAR WARS - Fighting the Dark side.

" COME TO THE DARK SIDE " - An age is called "dark," not because the light fails to shine but because people refuse to see it. ~James Michener

Just because you have something to hide -

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Curlyrocks - July 31, 2013, 10:52 pm
I want to thank the mod that rejected the earlier version of this. My partner does not frequent this site but found the collage I made and was not happy. All I got last night was the cold shoulder and not the kind of discipline I would like to receive

nanny statists -

" DARK AGES COMING? " - Going back, back, back in TIME, all covers are framed in red! And yet, the TIME Magazine cover picture of President Obama, Person of the Year, is framed in grey.

YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED - If the collective wins in November

CRISPY CREME CHRISTIE - Hears that the dark side has more donuts!

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ITS TOO LATE - Newt has gone over to the dark side

STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS - That's funny: I don't see any mention of unlimited campaign contributions by secret donors anywhere in the Constitution.


Embrace The Dark Side -

The Dark Knight -

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Cannabal - April 11, 2016, 10:39 pm
We don't need Batman, we have Trump, he'll save us, he's a billionaire.....supposedly.